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Bones’ season 12’s episode 11, titled “The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life,” is set to feature Booth racing against time to save Brennan and his loved ones from Kovac’s deadly plan after finding out that the vengeful killer has escaped custody.

The synopsis for “The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life” posted on TV Guide reads, “News of Kovac's (Gerard Celasco) escape sends Booth (David Boreanaz) scurrying to protect himself and those closest to him from the killer's most dangerous plan to date.

Meanwhile, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) testifies on Zach's (Eric Millegan) behalf at his trial; and Aubrey (John Boyd) and Jessica (guest star Laura Spencer) come to terms about their future together.”

The penultimate episode is set to be the first in the two-part finale, where each character’s final storyline will culminate in one action-packed event. Booth and Brennan will have some major challenges ahead.

Brennan is set to testify for Zach Addy’s trial while Booth will race against time to protect himself as well as the lives of his loved once when news of Kovac’s escape reaches the team. Kovac is set to unleash his most dangerous plan yet.

Things will get more intense as Booth works to secure the safety of the people he loves after finding out that the vengeful man angered at his father’s assassination is roaming free. According to International Business Times, Mark Kovac managed to escape custody since his arrest in the episode “The Scare in the Score.”

The emotional trailer for episode 11 shows the team dealing with the imminent threat of a bomb explosion in the lab. Booth tells Brennan, “My gut is telling me that something is wrong. Somewhere out there is a man who wants…” Brennan finishes his sentence saying, “Who wants to kill me and my family.”

When they realize that the bomb is in the lab, the Jeffersonian team scrambles to escape. As Booth and Brennan reach the exit, the glass doors slam shut in front of them. It seems that the two will be caught on the inside of the lab when the bomb explodes, leaving them in a life-threatening situation.

Meanwhile, Aubrey and Jessica will finally come to terms about their future together while Angela (Michaela Conlin) reveals some important news.

Bones’ season 12’s episode 11, titled “The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life,” is scheduled to air on Fox on March 21, 2017. It will be followed by episode 12, titled "The End in the End," scheduled to be released on March 28 and directed by David Boreanaz with a story by Stephen Nathan and teleplay by Jonathan Collier, Michael Peterson, and Karine Rosenthal.

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